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Nature entices me and the art of capturing it realistically on a canvas with paints, brushes, and knives has always been extremely inviting and joyful. Even after years of painting, every time itís almost magical to me how color values create depth and strokes create texture. Intriguing compositions attract me and capturing the random yet organized structure in nature is exciting. To me, every landscape has a unique purpose and a distinct impact on the ecosystem around it. Capturing that essence in two dimensions is challenging and deeply rewarding.


I have been passionate about art since my childhood and have taken basic formal training. After trying many different art media like water colors, color powders, pencil sketching, I moved to Oil Painting and have loved it ever since!   I honed my skills at Scottsdale Artist School and have painted many landscapes since then. I have found that experimenting in your own way is the best way to learn!


I use both traditional fat over lean and wet on wet alla prima painting techniques.  Three of my paintings have been selected as part of a prestigious international juried art show (www.artjury.com). Itís rewarding and encouraging to keep experimenting with new subjects.