Gallery - Oil On Canvas



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Autumn in Lake Pukaki, 18” x 24”, Oil

Southern Alps of New Zealand are bare as the snow has melted away over the summer. As the autumn arrives, aspen trees sparkle accompanying bright turquoise blue glacial fed Lake Pukaki.




Silent Glacier, 11” x 14”, Oil

Ice and snow accumulate in clusters as the glacier slides over the land. The nearest Ice plate stack gives an idea of the distant cold, flaky arrangements.

(Selected at: Juried Art Salon's 2010 spring show)



Cold Peaks, 18” x 24”, Oil 

Unending layers of snow capped mountains embellish the horizon. In the distance, the sun’s rays create subtle hues of a chilly blue and the nearest peak glows with pride.

(Selected at: Juried Art Salon's 2008 spring show)

Original - Not for sale ; 18" x 24 "Print on Sale


On top of Mt. Pilatus, 14” x 18”, Oil 

A view from the top of Mount Pilatus is stunning with the landscape celebrating its magnanimity. Closer shades of brown turn blue at far distances.

(Selected at: Juried Art Salon's 2008 spring show)



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